Membership Benefits
About WIA

The World Iodine Association (WIA) is an international non profit organisation that represents iodine producers, processors, distributors and end users in relevant industry and government bodies. The association offers a central information platform about uses, applications and benefits of iodine for animals and human health and industry.


WIA members are united in the WIA to provide interested bodies with objective information on iodine and its uses. The aim is to kindle public awareness on the benefits of iodine and facilitate research and development. Novel uses or applications of iodine can promote human and animal health and nutrition and aid to improve industrial processes.
Member benefits

  • Become part of an association that can act as a representative of the iodine industry in aid of discussions with authorities on aspects such as health interventions or regulatory guidelines
  • Combine forces to provide accurate information in discussions with international governmental organisations such as WHO, FAO, EU-directorates and other UN-bodies
  • Contribute to harmonization of guidelines within the international regulatory architecture concerning iodine
  • Expand and strengthen your network through our community, embracing expertise in all fields of application
  • Contribute to the realization of an information platform on benefits and novel uses of iodine, in collaboration with the international academic community

WIA is looking forward to welcome new members. (Here you can become a member of WIA)