Mission and Vision
About WIA

Mission Statements

The World Iodine Association is an international non profit organisation established:


To support and represent iodine producers, processors, formulators, distributors and end users in relevant industry bodies, and in relevant official government bodies around the world with respect to guidelines and regulations on iodine and its derivatives,


To develop, support and promote the use of iodine and its derivatives in existing and novel uses and applications in the domains of human and animal health and industry,


To provide information about the purposes, uses and applications of iodine and its derivatives to interested parties,


To help eradicate global iodine deficiency.



The purpose of the WIA is to become an iodine industry-wide promoter of iodine uses and applications. WIA aims to be a leading source of information about benefits related to human and animal health and to industrial applications, for the benefit, health and wellbeing of humans and animals throughout the world.


By bringing together industrial partners from all sectors, WIA can be the authoritative iodine industry representative in relevant industry and government bodies.