WIA Membership

WIA members are united in the WIA to provide interested bodies with objective information on iodine and its uses. The aim is to kindle public awareness on the benefits of iodine and facilitate research and development. Novel uses or applications of iodine can promote human and animal health and nutrition and aid to improve industrial processes.


Membership is open to partners in the private sector and non-profit organisations with an interest to further our mission.


WIA welcomes Effective members and Associated members.


Effective Members:


Producers, processors, formulators, distributors or end users of iodine in relevant industry bodies of iodine and iodine derivatives.


Membership dues are decided for each calendar year by the General Assembly. In the General Assembly each effective member has a vote. For 2015, the annual fee for effective members was set at USD $15,000.


Associated Members:


Members involved in the industry, or non-profit organisations and civil societies working on projects concerning iodine from a scientific interest. Associated members can be involved in the regulatory aspects of iodine and its derivatives, development of new uses for iodine, or dedicated to eliminate Iodine deficiency disorders. Associated members are invited to participate in WIA General Assembly meetings, but do not have a vote.


For 2016, the annual fee for Associated Members was set at USD 7,5000 per year. Organisations with limited funds can be accepted for the nominal fee of USD 100 per year. The Board may decide, on a case-by-case basis, if candidate associated members are qualified to join at the reduced annual contribution or if they may be exempt from the obligation to contribute.


Please contact us for more information (Here you can become a member of WIA)