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Who We Are

The World Iodine Association (WIA) is an international non-profit organisation which represents iodine producers, processors, formulators, distributors and end users towards public institutions and international organisations with respect to guidelines and regulations on iodine and its derivatives. The association offers a central information platform on uses, applications and benefits of iodine with respect to industry as well as  human and animal health.

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What We Do

Iodine Education

We raise awareness about the global iodine deficiency and provide information about the purposes, uses and application of iodine and its derivatives to interest parties. 

Research and Development

We profile the industry as innovative and solution-oriented, and create partnerships under research projects to develop its full innovative potential. 


We advocate for policies and programmess that promote the importance of iodine. We work with government agencies, healthcare organisations, and other stakeholders to raise awareness and promote action on iodine-related issues.

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Contact us

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Rue Belliard 40

1040 Brussels, Belgium



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